The Peacemakers


The Peacemakers had made their way to Moreou on the hunt for Prince Pheathon of Alexandria. They had traveled to Kaysan by airship, and to Moreou by Kaysan Ship. On arriving in Moreou, Morgan Stern revealed that he had ties to Moreou, and because of these ties they were roped into defending the city from attack by the neighboring kingdom of Draconia. During the fight on the wall, they defeated an Adult Black Dragon.

This Session

The session began in the Palace of Moreou, where the Peacebringers spoke to King Arlo. They decided to accompany the army of Moreou into an engagement with the Draconian army which was approaching the capitol. They headed out to the army with Wolf Lord Kariston, where Zander Nathor was almost attacked because of his Psudodragon, Idra. The people of Moreou are very mistrusting of dragons in all forms. After a few hours of marching they came across the Draconian army, who were accompanied by a number of unarmed Draconian civilians.

Kariston and the Peacemakers made their way to the centre of the battlefield with a white flag, indicating that they were there to draw up the rules of engagement. They members of the Draconian army who came out to meet them were a large dragonborn and another who was wearing a hooded cloak atop a draconic steed. During the proceeding conversation, these people were revealed to be Crown Prince Lebius and Xander The Dragonlord. Xander told the group that he had been prematurely aged by Zalden.

Zalden was the leader of a group of Cultists of Tiamat, who had come to Draconia with promises of power, he is currently usurping the king's throne uses the Orb of Dominion to take over the minds of all citizens of Draconia. He is also attempting to drain Xander's power, which is causing him to age at an accellerated rate. Xander had freed some of the people from the power of the Orb and used this to get the army and some civilians to escape.

Xander (With an X) went on to say that Zander (With a Z) was to become Steward of the mantle of Dragonlord. This would grant Zander an increase to his powers, but he would not be able to summon Idra. Agreeing to the terms, the group went back to the bulk of the Moreou army to discuss the next steps. It was agreed to use Zander, Liebius and Kariston as bait, with a number of the Draconian army dressed as survivors of a battle accompanying them to get the Peacemakers and the combined forces of the Draconian and Moreou armies into the Draconian capital of Lothraxian.

After the discussions ended the group headed back to the middle of the battlefield where Xander (With an X) was preparing a ritual to transfer his power to Zander (With an Z). When the spell was completed, a flash of light blinded the onlookers momentarily. Xander's garments dropped to the ground as his body disappeared. Zander now stood much broader and stronger, his skin dappled with scales, his nose more draconic and his ears less pointed. When he clenched his fist a great two bladed war staff fell from the heavens, testing the weapon he discovered it unleashed an elemental energy with each strike.

They approached the city at night with the army hidden in cowls away from the "survivors" of the battle. The Peacemakers were dressed in rags atop their armour and bound at the wrist. After a demonstration of Zander's power, the group were admitted into the city. They were lead into the Palace by some of the guards of the city, at which time the "survivors" struck them down, freed the Peacebringers and bid them good luck in hunting the Usurper. Then hurried to board up the door and gather weapons.


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